ROSY LIFT – Plus Size Comfort Extra Elastic Wireless Support Lace Bra (From M to 5XL)


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This Crossed Wireless bra keeps you supported, sweat-free, and comfortable throughout the day!

With the unique crossed three-dimensional lace cup design, this bra allows no pressure on your breasts. Besides, it helps accentuates your breasts and reshape to a fuller, rounder, and sexier look without wires. 




Lifts and accentuates your breasts with comfort, shaping a perkier, rounder shape underneath any clothes.


Made from super light, stretchy & soft fabric that breathes and moves with your body, it releases excess body heat and dries moisture quickly to keep you fresh and dry!



Thick side wings also provide a thorough surrounding to the upper body. No more side breast, unwanted back fat and bulges.





  • Colors: Black, Beige, Pink, Burgundy, Coffee
  • Material: Cotton, Spandex, Nylon
  • Bra Style: Seamless, Push Up, Lace
  • Strap Type: Non-adjusted Straps
  • Pattern Type: Floral



Natalie J.
Verified Buyer
It’s actually better than I expected

This is my all time favorite bra. Shoulder straps are wide and don't indent into the skin. Nice wide back, does not ride up. Under arm is high and prevents side bulging. They are comfortable and,Surprisingly, supportive! They actually separate my breast,so I don't get the dreaded uniboob, and there's no poking wires! I wear this bra every single day so I have several of them.

Louisa C.
Verified Buyer
My new favorite support bra!

My new favorite bra! These do the job of an underwrite and provide more lift and support than any other wire-free bra I've tried. When I wear this bra I honestly feel like a perky teen again and feel confident in my clothing. I think this is a great, comfortable, flattering supportive option for women with large breasts or for those that just want some extra lift. I've already bought 4!

Allie Mercer
Verified Buyer
Very Soft and Fit Properly

Honestly I really like these bras, I got two colors and they fit SO nicely. Very very soft and I love the seamless style. Even when I’m more mobile than usual the bra stays in place.

Susan R.
Verified Buyer
Nice supportive bra!

After trying at least 10 different bras from different brands, some wired and some not, I find that this particular bra for me is the winner. I have also purchased expensive bras that did not give me the lift that I want and also did not stand up to repeated washing. Now I am only a 36C, but I'm in my 50's, so I do have some droop--possibly caused by my working from home and being bra-less quite a bit. Anyway, I find this bra for me is quite supportive and there is some stitching on the sides which also helps to keep the girls more front as opposed to them splaying outward. I kind of like the look because it actually makes me look just a tad smaller, which I like (lately I was feeling quite frumpy with these sagging, pendulous boobs). I also like that it covers a bit higher so that I don't have muffin top, which I hate. I liked it enough to buy a couple more in different colors. It's worth a try.

K. N. Wright
Verified Buyer
I am so amazed!!

I’m very picky with bras. I hate underwire, and as a size 46E there are not a ton of bras that support and lift without an underwire. I recently bought these 12 bras to try out and this was the only one I didn’t return from that dozen. I wear it all day without being uncomfortable. I’m surprised how long I do wear it as I usually am the person that takes off her bra as soon as I’m home. This lifts my boobies fairly well, no torpedo shape (nice and round). I’m ordering another one after I submit this review. Hope you like it as much as I do :)

Rebecca Bradley
Verified Buyer
Brand New, great quality!

As someone who has spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in search of the perfect bra, including specialty boutiques with private fittings and measurements and all the rest of that nonsense. I am absolutely stunned that the best bra I’ve found in the last 5 years is on this website. I love this bra with all my heart and both my boobs. I am a 44F, and I cannot believe how comfortable and supportive this bra is. It’s not flattening and stifling like the minimizers, and it doesn’t stab you with wire. It shapes very well and gives the perfect lift. I got one in black and one in white. It didn’t disappoint.

S Taylor
Verified Buyer
Good Lift, Support, and Comfort Bra

I like that this bra gives me a good lifted look and supports me very well. This style of bra is one of the only bras I will buy now since i have a hard time finding bras to fit me good because I am a little bigger on one side of my chest than the other due to a hormonal imbalance. I do like this bra because it fits me good and I can't really tell that I am bigger on my one side of my chest when wearing this bra because it covers and fits me so well. I would recommend this bra to others and I will be buying this style of bra as long as it is available.

Linda B
Verified Buyer
The Best Bra!!

I have to say that I have finally found the most comfortable bra, for me!! Everything about it fits great. The cups are not only pretty but they support very well. It's comfortable, it keeps the girls nicely supported, and it was cheap enough that I'm going to be purchasing a couple more. The fabric is nice and actually feels like it's going to last a decent amount of time and not start showing wear that quickly. I would definitely recommend to people like me who can't afford ultra expensive bras all the time and is looking for something to get the job done with no-frills.

Gina Payne
Verified Buyer
Good coverage good price and sexy to boot

I LOVE IT! Comfortable, pretty, delicate, and practical. The material is soft, not scratchy at all. I actually like this one better than both my victoria secret and rue 21 bralettes. I am a 34D and got an L in black. It fits great, I do not have an issue getting it on or off. I am using as a lounge bra and it is amazing to put on at the end of a long day plus it’s sexy. Ordering in another color!

S Raye
Verified Buyer
WOW... just wow!!

Pretty bra! I originally ordered once (I wear a 36D). Because this bra looks so nice on, I gave it another shot. With the extra large, I had no problem putting it on, fits much better, and still provides some decent support. The upside: Pretty, feminine, and plenty of coverage in the front vs. other brands that cover a fraction of my breasts and leave me falling out the front. Great price, so I ordered this in a few colors.

Verified Buyer